Our stems do not use the inconvenient and complex spacer system (pictured on the right) that is currently used on threadless headsets. All NVO Stems use the ATS Shim that slips over your steer tube. With the top cap installed, the headset is pre loaded. There are so many benefits to using this technology over spacers:

Ease of Height Adjustment:
The ATS shim allows for quick and easy height adjustment. Cyclists can adjust the stem quickly to suit terrain, position on the bicycle, or riding conditions for more performance, control and comfort.

Hassle-free headset:
Packing up your bike? Heading to a race? When traveling with your the bike, you can remove the stem to pack your bike in a vehicle or bike case without the headset loosening. No more missing headset parts, loose fork, or readjusting headset. When you get to your destination, simply re-install the stem.

Carbon steer tube protection:
With the spacer system, stems are clamped directly onto the carbon fiber steer tube. If you’re not careful, you can over tighten the stem and crush your steer tube. The ATS shim provides additional protection for your carbon steer tube. Now, the stem camps directly onto the ATS Shim and NOT your steer tube. It disburses the clamping force of the stem over a wider area which helps to prevent the carbon steer tube from cracking due to over tightening and point loads.

Resistance to the headset loosening:
Since the stack washers are individual and loose fitting when the headset has proper adjustment, the steer tube can bend and loosen the headset. The ATS shim is a single piece and will not move around as the steer tube bends, this keeps the headset in adjustment. The ATS shim also eliminates the clicking and creaking noises common with threadless headsets.

Steer tube strengthening:
There is a strengthening rib on the front that extends the length of the ATS shim and serves a couple of purposes. First, it indexes the rear slot of the shim with the slot of the stem and keeps the stem from twisting when adjusting the stem height. Second, it adds resistance against steer tube bending by having larger geometry in the major bending orientation of the steer tube.

If you’re not happy with NVO Components stems and the ATS technology, you can easily switch back to the spacer system and use a regular stem. Simply remove the ATS top cap and shim, and put your spacers and a regular stem back on. But, we think you’ll love our stems and this innovative and simple technology and won’t want to switch. See our products and try one out for yourself.


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