Question about our products or shipping? Please take a look at our FAQ.   If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, contact us at We’d be glad to help.


What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?
Check the countries we currently ship to. Shipping is usually around $13 - $16 USD for one stem/one package. If your country is not listed, please email us and we will find out the shipping expense to your country. Please be aware that we ship all our items from our logistics center in Taiwan. Import duties, taxes, and other country specific charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. We don't know what these may be for your specific region. These charges are the buyer's responsibility and if there are any such charges, the buyer will have to pay upon receipt of goods. Please check with your country's customs office and FedEx to determine what these additional costs may be prior to ordering.
Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?
We accept PayPal who also accepts Visa and Master Card through their system.
How long will delivery take?
Usually around 5-7 days.
What exactly happens after ordering?
After receiving your order, we ship out the stem and then email you back with a Fedex tracking number.
I placed an order but haven't received a tracking number?
We ship out the stem as soon as we have received verification that a product has been paid for. If we don't send you a tracking number, this most likely means that there is a problem with PayPal, Mastercard or Visa. To help with this problem, we ask that you take a screen shot /take a picture of your payment and send it to us. We will inquire about the transaction failure with PayPal.
I am a dealer or I am distributor. How can I order your products?
If you are a distributor or dealer, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Please contact us and we can discuss our distributor and dealer pricing/shipping/methods of payment.


What does ATS stand for?
ATS stands for Adjustable Threadless System. The ATS Shim was designed to fit with NVO stems over threadless headsets.
I have cut my steer tube too short. Can I use the ATS Shim as a steer tube extender?
Absolutely not. This is an incorrect use of the ATS Shim. The Shim needs to extend about 2-3 mm above the steer tube. If your steer tube is cut, then you must cut the ATS shim as well. You may not have maximum height adjustability, but you have the other benefits of travel convenience (headset stays preloaded when you take the stem off), steer tube protection and fewer steering parts.
Why did you choose to use 6061 T6 aluminum in your stems? Is 7000 series aluminum better?
We feel 6061 T-6 aluminum gives us the best balance between weight, durability, and cost. Although 7000 series aluminum has higher tensile and ultimate strength, there is a cost associated with it. It’s more expensive and more brittle than 6061. A correctly engineered stem made from 60061 T-6 will provide many years of reliable service.
How much height adjustment (travel) do NVO Components stems provide?
This depends on the length of your steer tube. If you have a long or uncut steer tube, then most likely you can use the entire length of our longest ATS shim (100 mm). Our standard length that is packaged with each stem is 85mm, giving you 45mm of possible height adjustment. We also sell our ATS Shim and Top Cap Package separately and these are available in the following lengths: 80 mm ATS Shim:  40 mm of adjustment 85 mm ATS Shim: 45 mm of adjustment 100 mm ATS Shim: 65 mm or adjustment
What size steer tube do NVO Components stems fit?
Currently, our system is designed to fit 1-1/8th steer tubes.
Some of your stems only come with one bolt. Is this safe?
You must follow the torque settings that are indicated on the rear clamp bolt. We have engineered, optimized and tested all NVO Components stems thoroughly. All of our stems pass EFBE testing, which is the most rigorous testing standard for bicycle components.
What can I do if I want to use a different brand of stem?
If for some reason you don't like your NVO stem, simply remove the top cap, the stem and the ATS Shim. It slides right off of 28.6 mm steer tubes. Now, replace it with some spacers and your stem of choice.