NVO Components uses sophisticated engineering software to design products. All of our designs are engineered and optimized for material, cost, weight and other specific criteria. NVO Components products are then thoroughly tested both under laboratory conditions and by riders for feedback and to provide safety margins within the strictest standards. All NVO Components stems pass EFBe testing standards. You can ride and race in full confidence.



Washers Exploded


The current  threadless system uses stack washers to compress the stem and preload the headset. If someone wants to adjust their stem height, they first have to do the following steps:

1) Loosen and remove the top cap,

2) Loosen and remove the stem

3) Decide on the appropriate amount of spacers to be removed from below the stem (requires some guesswork here)

4) Reinstall the stem

5) Put the removed spacers on top of the stem

6) Install the top cap

7) Pre-load the headset with the headset bolt

8) Tighten the stem

All in all, a very time consuming process. This needs to be performed every time a stem height adjustment is desired. Many riders don’t even try to adjust their stem height because they don’t know you can adjust the height, or they feel uncomfortable with taking their headset and steering components apart, or they just don’t want to deal with the hassle. To use an NVO stem instead, simply remove the stack washers, stem and top cap and replace these parts with our shim, stem and top cap.



Our stems feature an ATS shim that replaces the spacers. Usually, when you purchase a bike with our stem, the ATS Shim and Top Cap are already installed. To adjust your stem height, simply use a 5 mm allen wrench and loosen the rear clamp bolt. Raise or lower your stem according to your own comfort. You can change your stem height now as easily as you change your saddle height. Even during a ride, your stem height can be changed quickly.


ATS Exploded


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